Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do not judge lest ye be judged ...

Nothing peeves me more than people who don't even know me underestimating me.

Recently I was at the grocery store and a woman came up me and said "If I had two little boys that close together, I'd just die. You must have help at home." BAH! So I told her, "No, I don't have any help. I am a single mom. And I manage." The look on her face was a mix of embarrassment and surprise and though she walked away without another word, it reminded me of a time when I didn't think I could do it either.

Until today, actually, I didn't even realize I AM doing it. I am working. I am paying my own bills. I am buying my own groceries. I am being a mother to my children. And I am doing it on my own! (Well, not totally - I'm absolutely certain the Big Man upstairs has a lot to do with it!)

I paid for my children's doctor appointments today. With MY money that I earned - does that mean I'm rich? No. It means I'm going to have to watch what I spend for the rest of the month. But I did it - I was able to get my kids the level of care they need.

Is it easy? No. Is it what I imagined for my life? Absolutely not. Do I like it this way? Well, not especially. But I am going to be thankful for every day I have a roof over my head and I'm able to put food in my babies' mouths. I will be grateful for my job, however stressful.

And, I will keep praying. Praying for strength, for wisdom, and for guidance. For my babies' futures - that somewhere out there I will find a man willing to step up and be the father they need.

In the mean time, I will be the best mother I can be with the knowledge that I have.

Thanks for listening,

<3 ~SMF~

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