Thursday, November 10, 2011

So here we are!

So here I am. Sitting here, in my new apartment - my babies are sleeping and I've managed to devour several squares of Coffee Crunch Dark Chocolate - it's way past my bedtime but I just can't shut my mind off. I have so much to do! Switch the mail to my new address, apply for state assistance (because even though I make double minimum wage, between rent, utilities, and daycare my paycheck is pretty sorry looking) finish unpacking, clean out my car and the list goes on. Not to mention keeping the house picked up and the kids fed and bathed. And work. Bleck! I am still in training as a 911 dispatcher and it's just about the hardest thing I've ever done in my life! Definitley not boring, but SO much to learn and remember. On top of my other stresses. I am having a really hard time swallowing this situation lately - God did not intend for children to be parented by one parent. They need that second person - I need that second person! But I need a second person, not a third child. My childrens' SD was a third child. He couldn't do anything for himself - let alone me or his kids. And he still can't! He pays me child support (a mere $600 a month) but doesn't really have any other expenses beyond that and he's still living with his parents! He hasn't seen the boys in four months and he sent me a text the other day asking if he can have them for Thanksgiving. Ha! Kiss my grits! I told him he could pick them up in the afternoon if he wanted to have them but he said he wanted them earlier because he has to work at 6 am the following morning and he wants to give the boys back to me by five on Thanksgiving so he can go to bed early. SERIOUSLY?! I get up at five on the days I work and I certainly don't go to be early! Yet I still seem to make it!

Anyone else struggle with a less than intelligent SD?

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